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giroroxnatsumi's Journal

17 November 1986
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Yoo. You can call me Aylee. If you want, anyway. I don't really care.

I don't post much in my journal, but when I do it tends to be indecipherable garble that only I understand because none of the people who WOULD understand read my LJ. I'm okay with this.

For the most part I like video games. I play a lot of them. On the side I like anime, a bit. I've kind of grown out of it, or perhaps I've grown INTO the realization that almost all anime sucks. I read more manga than I watch anime because it's easier to get my hands on, but I've been getting away from that, too.

So it's mostly video games, now, when I can find things to play. I'm big into RPGs, and sometimes FPSs. Oh, and the Karaoke Revolution games, but those are really only fun when you have someone to play with.

Anyway, if you care to get to know me, go ahead and friend me. But beware, I only update my journal like once a week at most. And it's not usually friends only, so... yeah. There.